Nilfisk Attix 995

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Built to pick-up combustible/flammable dust in Atex Zone 22 environments.

Complete machine with filter and motor cooling filter only.

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The ATTIX 995 H/M TYPE 22 is a powerful two-motor vacuum cleaner approved to be used for both M- and H-Class dust and ATEX Zone 22 environments.
Featuring XtremeClean automatic filter cleaning and a stainless steel SitDown container.
The build-in FlowSensor and acoustic warning signal monitors air speed in the suction hose to make sure that is does go below the minimum 20 m/s.
The perfect concept for Industrial use where safety is a must.
Legislation (IEC/EN 60335-2-69) has placed some very tight restrictions on handling hazardous dust. The ATTIX 995 H/M TYPE 22 vacuum cleaner fullfils all demands at the highest level of safety to ensure maximum health protection.
The wet and dry vacuum cleaner controls H-, M-Class, as well as explosive dust.
The use of EC technology meaning 2 single-phase brushless motors and the complete conductivity makes this machine applicable in ATEX Zone 22 environments.
By choosing the correct electrically conductive and grounded inlet in combination with the Type 22 accessories the vacuum cleaner allows you to work with a safe and spark free solution.
The stainless steel SitDown container is robust and makes disposal possible without removing the motorhead, and the included disposal bag and safety filterbag enables safe dustfree working and disposal.
On top of the motorhead you will find a big tool deposit and room to store your accessories.
The perfect industrial solution for health endangerous, carcinogenic and combustable/flammable dusts.
Approved for cleaning and dust extraction in ATEX Zone 22 enviroments with explosive dust
Dual brushless long life EC motors for ignition-source-free performance
High quality stainless steel container with steel chassis
Big surface H-Class filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs
A full range of Type 22 accessories is available to tailor your machine to your application

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Air Flow rate (L/M): 2 x 3200
Container Volume (L-MAX): 50
Power: PMAX (W): 2 x 1400

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