Nilfisk VP300 hepa basic Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Lightweight, durable dry vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning in residential, hospitality and healthcare settings. Top rated filtration level with a H13 HEPA exhaust which helps to maintain a high quality of air within the cleaning environment.

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Vacuum Cleaner Tools and Accessories

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Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags and Cartridges

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Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags and Cartridges

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Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags and Cartridges

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Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags and Cartridges

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Introducing the Reliable and Robust Nilfisk VP300 Series: Your Everyday Cleaning Companion

When it comes to cleaning, you need a machine you can trust day in and day out. The Nilfisk VP300 series is your steadfast partner, designed with simplicity and durability in mind. Ideal for a range of environments, including offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets, and more, it’s perfect for light to medium-duty applications.

Key Features:

1. Top-Rated Filtration: The Nilfisk VP300 series takes air quality seriously, offering top-rated filtration with a HEPA exhaust filter as standard across all variants. Breathe easy knowing that the cleaning environment maintains a high standard of air quality.

2. Energy Efficiency: Our VP300 eco variant not only delivers exceptional cleaning performance but also operates at an impressively low sound level, making it suitable for daytime cleaning without disruptions.

3. Best-in-Class Filling Capacity: Say goodbye to frequent dust bag changes. The VP300 series boasts a best-in-class filling capacity, reducing the time spent on maintenance tasks.

4. Lightweight and Maneuverable: Weighing in at just 5 kg, the VP300 is effortless to move from one location to another, enhancing your cleaning efficiency.

5. Low Noise Level: With a low sound pressure level starting from 58 dB(A), this machine won’t disturb the peace, making it perfect for daytime cleaning scenarios.

6. Secure and Accessible Storage: Enjoy the convenience of secure and easily accessible accessory and power cord storage, keeping your workspace tidy and organized.

7. Dual Speed Options: Selected variants offer dual speed settings, allowing for tailored use across a wider range of cleaning applications.

8. Detachable Cord: Selected variants feature a detachable orange cord for added convenience and ease of use.

9. Comfortable Portability: The VP300 is designed with safety and comfort in mind, allowing for easy and secure carrying.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience with Nilfisk VP300

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Nilfisk VP300 series, your go-to choice for dependable, efficient, and quiet cleaning. With its top-notch filtration, energy efficiency, and user-friendly design, it’s the ideal solution for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Choose the VP300 for reliability and performance.

Experience the Nilfisk VP300 series today and transform your cleaning tasks into a breeze.

Complete with accessories (comes with 1 vacuum bag)
Vacuum at nozzle (kpa): 22
Sound Pressure level (dB(A)): 73/70
Rated power (W): 800
Airflow (l/sec): 32

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