Unger nLite Connect Himod carbon master pole 6.75m


Recommended for reaching heights up to 20m

4 Sections
Water fed poles provide the perfect balance between weight and rigidity.
New features for superior performance
Reaching over 20m high
HiModulus Carbon
Superlight pole

Extended Length 6.63m / 22
Collapsed Length 1.87m / 6
Weight 1.5Kg

4 section telescopic Pole. (Diameter: 26mm / 29mm / 32mm / 35mm )

Technical Information


The market leader in quality tools for smart window cleaning.

Unger’s range of ergonomically designed washers, squeegees and scrapers fit securely on their extension poles using patented ErgoTec Locking Cone connection. The result: efficient, safe cleaning. No matter how high or how grimy, windows come clean using our professional tools.

Waterfed pole technology HiFlo nLite and the pure water cleaning system nLite HydroPower are the most advanced glass cleaning tools of all time. It can be used to clean glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage and vehicles. It’s extremely low weight and can reach up to 20m.

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Unger nLite Connect Himod carbon master pole 6.75m