Wap Centra Double Unit 1/18 380V

Built to last, exceptional power for Industrial applications

The Wap Centra range is suitable for general cleaning applications throughout numerous industries, including automotive, food processing, quarries, refractories, abattoirs, inside closed buildings, factories, underground and surface level mining operations.
The robust design is ideal for tough environments.
Key Features:
Stainless steel protective cabinet with a hinged stainless-steel access door and detachable stainless-steel access panels.
Positive displacement piston pump, oil lubricated with three ceramic pistons, suction and pressure valves with stainless seats.
Direct drive power transmission between high pressure pump and electric motor.
Four pole electric motor, revolving at a speed of 1450 rpm.
Automatic pressure regulators with zero system pressure, including pump and high pressure hose, during by-pass phase
Timer controlled ‚Äúsleep function”, for the purpose of automatically de-activating the machine after 1* minute of by-passing with closed pistol
(*adjustable setting from 0-10 minutes).
Stainless steel water header tank with automatic, level activated filling device.
Electric overload relay.
System shut-down facility (automatic activation) in the event of insufficient water supply (low water cut-out).
Glycerine filled pressure gauge.
Chemical selector/dosage valve for chemical application at normal operating pressure.

Technical Information

Hot water
High pressure pump station
Operating pressure: 200 bar
Water flow (l/h): 1260/1800
Voltage: 380V or 525V
Machine complete with standard accessories only

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Reliable and robust, high-pressure washers, trusted by all industries for over 45 years.

Wap high-pressure washers are ideal for a variety of industries such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, production, construction, earthmoving, quarries, and more. The machines are characterised by quality and hardiness that is well suited to the local market.

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Wap Centra Double Unit 1/18 380V