Eco Brilliance Diamond pad green very fine 432mm


A pad for daily cleaning which removes dirt and scratches, leaving a glossy surface. Dry-buff using a high-speed machine for a high gloss finish, depending on floor type (Step 4)

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Consult with Industrolcean experts for the Eco Brilliance Method to restore your flooring.
There are four Eco Brilliance pads, each pad has a different level of abrasiveness (red, blue, yellow, green). The first pad is the most abrasive (red) and the fourth pad is the least abrasive (green).
The colour/abrasiveness of the first pad used in the marble restoration process will depend on the condition of the floor
We recommend consulting with an Industroclean floor specialist to find out which Eco Brilliance Pad to start with.
This cleaning system requires no detergent for all daily cleaning tasks.
The combination of pads and clean water give the perfect
cleaning result and minimise residue.
· Renovates old and worn floors and restores shine.
· Daily cleaning without detergents.
· Buffs floors to the shine you want

432 mm