Filmop Alpha Janitorial Trolley


A compact lockable professional cleaning trolley, suited to the healthcare environmet

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Complete trolley includes:
0000AT0180C 1X yellow plastic covered cloth bag 120 l with zip
0000SE0204UA 1X grey plastic bucket 4 ltrs with blue plastic handle
0000SE0204UB 1X grey plastic bucket 4 ltrs with red plastic handle
0000SE0204UC 1X grey plastic bucket 4 ltrs with yellow plastic handle
0000SE0204UF 1X grey plastic bucket 4 ltrs with green plastic handle
0000SM00149U 1X 32 mm diameter plastic dark grey hose support
0000SM00165 2 X Kit 9 “t” shaped plugs, light grey, for plastic vertical frame
3048 1X Set of 3 stickers for buckets 6 ltrs
60072U 2 X Handle holder, dark grey
6074 1X Polyester mesh bag 90 ltrs with rubber string form
P059061U 1X Short grey plastic base f/alpha trolley wheels 125 mm
P1229906U 1X Dark grey plastic drawer 22 l without lock
P1229907U 1X Big dark grey plastic drawer without lock
P2229906U 1X Dark grey plastic drawer 22 ltrs with lock
P165000U 1X Dark grey plastic 20-litre bucket support
P190908U 2 X Shock absorbing piston for cover
P2039903E 2 X Light grey vertical plastic frame, 1 side 6 slides
P206030U 1X Plastic insert for bagholder
P2909920U 1X Dark grey plastic closing profile for central plastic basket
P291919T 1X Transparent plast cover bag holder 120L+ checklist holder
P3059953E 1X grey smooth plastic fixed side wall with institutional design
P3059954E 1 x grey smooth plastic side door with institutional design
P3199903U 1 x Central frame with high grey cover with lock and 2 pistons
P8161115U 1 x Foldable plast.bagholder 120L bag fixing hooks