Nilfisk MH 3M High Pressure Washer

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Compact hot water unit combines ground breaking design with efficient performance.

Machine complete with standard accessories only.

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The MH 3M series takes mid-range hot water high pressure washers to a new level, meeting the latest productivity demands in the market.
The MH 3M is equipped with our semi industrial NA4 pump with 3 ceramic coated pistons and a high efficiency 4 pole motor.
It offers ideal performance levels for general hot water cleaning and the efficient EcoPower Boiler.
The MH 3M is ideal for all hot water commercial and light industrial cleaning tasks and it offers higher efficiency and quicker cleaning thanks to the improved fuel saving EcoPower boiler system. Furthermore, service and maintenance can be carried out quickly, as all vital parts are easy to inspect and reach.
The MH 3M concept ensures the most optimal transport concept across a wide variety of surface types with the 4 large wheels and great balance.
Optimal accessory storage facilities with double lance holders, turnable hook for easy removal or winding of electrical cable, innovative spray gun holder and easy storage of detergent tanks.
Together with the quick service access to all vital parts, this series will provide remarkable cleaning results, saved time and reduced costs.
High efficiency 4 pole motors
EcoPower boiler with EcoMode function
Brass pump head
3 ceramic coated pistons
Pressure activated unloader system
Simple fuel level sight
Easy access to components
Easy pump oil service functions with tank and oil sight
Innovative design with 4 big wheels
Easy to transport, can even be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces

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Operating pressure: 140 bar
Pump (RPM): 1450
Water flow (l/h): 580
Voltage: 220V
Water/steam temp (°C): 80

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