Nilfisk VH120 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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High performance in compact spaces when collecting any type of waste material.

Machine only.

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As efficient as simple, the right combination for your application: one specific model built according to each main specific segments and equipped with the best accessory kit.
Your task? Just plug and play… and continue doing your job without any thought.
The general Cleaning vacuum cleaner is the excellent balance among efficiency compactness and price.
Compact and powerful, it’s already equipped with an industrial cleaning accessories kit, ideal for cleaning spacious areas, both on floor and difficult spots.
Consisting of a 5 meter polyurethane hose, and a complete set of single accessories, this kit lets you clean areas quickly and effectively.
Thanks to the numerous elements (handgrip, wheeled floor nozzle, cone, flat-tip crevice nozzle, etc.) it is extremely versatile.
Using this industrial vacuum means getting a cleaner working environment in few minutes.
Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
Compact dimensions
High container capacity
Equipped a wide range of specific accessories
5 meters polyurethane hose
Handgrip, wheeled floor nozzle, cone, flat-tip crevice nozzle
Container easy to remove and empty
Suitable for spacious areas
High filter surface
Ergonomic manual filter shaker
Vacuum gauge on the motor head
Optimum balance among efficiency compactness and price

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Voltage (V): 230
Power (kw): 2kW
Sound Pressure level at 1.5M (db(A)): 74
Max vacuum (mBar): 210
Max airflow (m³/h): 330
Container capacity (L): 37
Rated power (W): 3000
IP protection class: 44
Insulation class: L

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