Wap Electra 18/48 380V High Pressure Washer

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Introducing the WAP Electra High Pressure Washer: Your Eco-Friendly Solution

In a world where environmental awareness is key, the WAP Electra High Pressure Washer leads the charge in eco-friendly cleaning. With its pollution-free operation, this advanced range serves diverse industries, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional methods.

Machine complete with standard accessories only.

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Experience Pollution-Free Cleaning with WAP Electra

At WAP, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that not only meet industry standards but also exceed expectations. Introducing the WAP Electra range, designed for pollution-free operation and built to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges across various industries.

Pollution-Free Operation

The WAP Electra range operates without pollution, making it ideal for industries where open burners are prohibited. Whether in food processing, closed buildings, factories, or mining operations, our equipment ensures a clean and safe environment.

Durable Construction

Crafted with a powder-coated protective cabinet and stainless steel access doors and panels, the WAP Electra range is built to last in even the harshest environments. Its robust construction guarantees durability and longevity.

High-Quality Components

Equipped with a positive displacement piston pump featuring ceramic pistons and stainless seats, our equipment delivers reliable performance consistently. You can trust the WAP Electra range to handle your cleaning needs efficiently.

Efficient Power Transmission

With direct drive power transmission between the high-pressure pump and electric motor, the WAP Electra range maximizes efficiency, ensuring optimal cleaning power with minimal energy consumption.

Safety Features

We prioritize safety with automatic pressure regulators, overload relay, system shut-down facility in case of water supply insufficiency, and thermostatic overheating safety device. You can operate our equipment with peace of mind, knowing that safety is always a top priority.

User-Friendly Functions

Our equipment is designed with user convenience in mind. Features like a timer-controlled “sleep function,” adjustable working temperature, individual circuit breakers for motor and heating elements, and a chemical selector/dosage valve make operation easy and efficient.

Robust and Reliable

Built to withstand tough environments and demanding cleaning tasks, the WAP Electra range promises robust strength and reliability, ensuring consistent performance when you need it most.

For industries requiring efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning operations in challenging environments, look no further than the WAP Electra range. With its pollution-free operation, durable construction, high-quality components, and user-friendly features, it offers a comprehensive solution that exceeds expectations. Choose WAP Electra for superior cleaning performance every time

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Electrically heated hot water pressure cleaner – stationary
Operating pressure: 160 bar
Water flow (l/h): 1080
Voltage: 380V

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