Nilfisk Core - the next generation of high-pressure washer

Whether it’s your car, your bike, or your patio that needs to regain its shine using a high-pressure washer is the smart and easy choice. And with the revolutionary Nilfisk Core series of high-pressure washers, this choice has been made even smarter.

Durability, ease of use, and simplistic Danish design have always been associated with a high-pressure washer from Nilfisk.

With the Core series, this hasn’t changed – it has only been enhanced.
On top of the seamless Danish design and great quality, the series stands out from all others with its brand-new identity and variety of game-changing features.

The identity of the Nilfisk Core series is born in Denmark, and the Scandinavian heritage is visible in the simplistic design focusing on basic geometric shapes and intuitive user interface.

With as few touchpoints as possible, icons on nozzles, and pictograms on the machine, the high-pressure washers are easier to use than ever before – without compromising on effort.

The Internal Hose Reel is a game-changing storage solution offering easy access and easy storage of the high-pressure hose.

 Simply turn the reel and the hose is ready for use. Turn it back again and the machine is ready to be stored. The unique design ensures that the hose stays within the machine and won’t get in your way at any time.

This is a feature that allows the user to adjust the power levels of the machine by moving only one finger.

 In other words: No need to go back to the machine to adjust the cleaning power. Placed at the handheld gun, the In-Hand Power Control will adjust the cleaning power and give the user total control of both water and power consumption.

With the Ultra Flex Hose, Nilfisk introduces the next generation of high-pressure hoses.

 Soft to handle, ultra-flexible, and designed to avoid hose damages the result is a hose with both extended lifetime and high-performance power. After use, it is easily stored away on the internal hose reel.

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