Filmop plastic box/side basket


Convienient side basket to carry cleaning neccesities

Convienient side basket to carry cleaning neccesities
Attach onto Onefred mopping system

All replaceable componenets of this trolley are sold seperately on this website:

0000SE0125UB- Filmop Onefred grey bucket 25 lt with red grip
0000SE0125UA – Filmop Onefred grey bucket 25 lt with blue grip
60356A- Filmop Onefred front plate for side press wringer
8730YSS – Filmop Onefred trolley frame with wheels
00057002U OneFred – Filmop Onefred side press wringer without front plate
8731Y – Filmop Onefred push grip
0000SM00298- Filmop Onefred mop holder and fixing plate
60406Y – Filmop Onefred plastic basket (optional)

Please read more on the complete trolley below:

The Filmop Onefred Mopping trolley:

Advised for floor wet mopping in large areas
Designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, compact, and durable
Stackable holder, built in one piece with integrated bumpers for greater impact resistance.
Usable with 15 and 25 L buckets
Practical and easy to insert ergonomic handle.

It facilitates operation of the trolley, reduces bulk and facilitates rinsing and wringing operations

Thanks to the two 25 L buckets the cleaning solution can be separated from rinsing water, thus to obtain better cleaning results, higher hygiene, detergent savings, working time reduction with the minimum operator’s effort

Technical Information


Customisable janitorial trolleys and specialised mopping systems for a range of applications

Industroclean offers a wide variety of Filmop compact, high-quality janitorial trolleys for use in healthcare, hospitality, retail, and other commercial cleaning applications.

Manufactured with premium materials and with ergonomic design, the trolleys can be customised and configured for specific applications according to requirements.

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Filmop plastic box/side basket