First-Step Disinfectant Matting

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The first step to contamination control

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• A hygienic pad of peel-off, disposable sheets, manufactured from an anti-microbial agent to protect against bacteria, mould and mildew.
• The ‘tacky’ sheets capture dirt and dust from footwear and wheeled equipment for contamination control.
• When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel it off to reveal a clean layer.
• Comes with self-adhesive backing to keep the mat in place.
• Ideal for hospitals, clean rooms, general industrial environments, and any other area where hygiene is an important factor.
• 4 Packs in a box with 30 peelable sheets per pack

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Available colours: white/blue
Part description: Pack of 4
Material: PE with water based acrylic adhesive.
Typical Applications: Entrance areas, Clean rooms, Hospitals
Surface Finish:Smooth

Installation Method: Self-adhesive backing that adheres to most floor surfaces

Size EN: 0.45 m x 1.17 m
Weight: 3,25KG
Product Height: 1.5 mm

Environmental resistance: Suitable for indoor environments only
Max. Operating Temperature: +60°C
Min. Operating Temperature:0°C

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