Microfibre Doormat Matting

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Washable doormat with super absorbency and microfibre technology

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• Multi-action entrance mat with hygienic microfibre technology.
• Flexible, ultra-fine fibres (finer than a human hair) provide deep-cleaning action on passing footwear.
• Friction from the fibres generates a static charge that attracts and traps dust/debris.
• Effectively penetrates those hard to reach treads on footwear and wheeled trollies.
• Superior ‘brushing and wiping’ with ‘rapid dry’ properties that outperform cotton.
• Luxuriously soft pile that keeps entrances looking smart, stylish and free from lint.
• Environmentally-friendly – does not require chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents.

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Available colours: Black/brown
Part description:Mat
Material: Microfibre
Typical Applications: Entrance areas
Surface Finish: Velour
Cleaning method: Machine washable at 30°C

Installation Method: Loose lay
Backing: Vinyl Flexicoat

Size EN: 0.6 m x 0.9 m/0.9 m x 1.5 m/1.8 m x 1.2 m/600 mm x 400 mm/600 mm x 400 mm
Weight: 1.5/3.8/6kg
Product Height: 8 mm

Environmental resistance: Suitable for wet and dry indoor environments
Max. Operating Temperature: +50°C
Min. Operating Temperature: -10°C
Absorbency: 2 l/m²
Resistance to Chemicals: Good

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