Nilfisk Attix 30 Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Your reliable and compact wet and dry vacuum for everyday use.

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Experience Unrivalled Cleaning Power with Our Silent and Mobile Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Discover the ATTIX 30 series, your compact yet powerful solution for all-purpose wet and dry cleaning. Crafted for craftsmen on the move, these industrial vacuum cleaners redefine efficiency, mobility, and silence.

Key Features:

1. Superior Suction Power: The ATTIX 30 series delivers unparalleled suction power, ensuring a thorough clean every time. Whether it’s wet spills or dry debris, these vacuums get the job done with precision.

2. Craftsmen’s Best Friend: Engineered with the mobile craftsman in mind, our vacuums feature an ergonomic design and emit minimal noise. We’re committed to enhancing your user experience and extending your working hours.

3. Compact and Mighty: The ATTIX 30’s small footprint conceals its immense performance. Craftsmen who work on the move will appreciate its portability. Plus, with a variety of available models, you can find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

4. Cost-Efficient Filtration: Save on operating costs with washable PET fleece filter elements that boast over 99.9% filtration efficiency. And, with a low working noise level, you can work comfortably without disturbing others nearby.

5. Intelligent Design: Our vacuum’s exceptional design includes convenient features like cable storage, accessory storage, and a spacious tool deposit to keep everything within arm’s reach.

6. Plug-and-Play Convenience: Select -11 models come equipped with a handy convenience socket, eliminating the need for extra extension cables. Simply plug your tool into the vacuum cleaner. For those using electric hand tools, our Automatic On/Off models (-21) synchronize with your tool, ensuring seamless operation.

7. Airbox Accessory: When working with pneumatic tools, our accessory airbox performs the same function, enhancing your convenience.

8. Easy Maintenance: Tackling fine dust is a breeze with our Push&Clean filter cleaning system, offering a quick and comfortable way to clean the filter. For even greater performance, our XtremeClean automatic filter cleaning system handles the cleaning process without interruptions.

9. Versatile Accessory System: The Multifit system allows you to use a wide range of accessories, providing ultimate task flexibility.

10. SilentPower: Our high-performance technology ensures that the power you need is felt but not heard, maintaining a low working sound level.

Experience Efficiency and Silence with the ATTIX 30 Series

Upgrade your cleaning game with our silent and mobile wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaners. Crafted for craftsmen, these vacuums offer superior performance, mobility, and cost-efficiency. Make every cleaning task a breeze with ATTIX 30.

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Wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Airflow rate (L/M): 3700
Container Volume (L-Max):30
Power: PMax (W): 1500
Complete machine with standard accessories

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