Nilfisk S3B- L100 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Power, Reliability, and Efficiency Combined: Nilfisk S3B-L100 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Industrial Cleaning Needs.

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Introducing the Nilfisk S3B-L100 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Compact and Maneuverable: Move effortlessly around your production area with its compact design and three bypass motors.

Reliable Power for Mechanical Sector: Designed for reliability, power, and simplicity, perfect for the mechanical sector, especially for collecting chips mixed with oil

Powerful and Versatile: Choose between 2 or 3 kW power options, with models S2B and S3B offering robust performance.

Wet and Dry Cleaning: Collect both wet and dry materials, ideal for maintaining and cleaning machine tools.

Effortless Emptying: Easily remove and empty the 50L or 100L container with the ergonomic design for operator convenience.

Variety of Options: Available in L or M class versions to suit your specific needs.

Strong and Durable: Built to withstand industrial environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Easy to Maneuver: Move around effortlessly with the container’s castors and handle.

Efficient Cleaning: Manual filter shaker ensures optimal performance.

Optional Extras:
Hepa Absolute Filter: Enhance filtration for cleaner air.
Floater for Liquid Collection: Add-on for efficient liquid collection.

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Voltage (V): 230
Power (kw): 3kW with 3 bypass motors
Sound Pressure level at 1.5M (db(A)): 75
Max vacuum (mBar): 210
Max airflow (m³/h): 486
Container capacity (L): 50-100
Rated power (W): 3000
IP protection class:43
Insulation class: L

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