Nilfisk SC6500 Ride On Floor Scrubber Drier

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Experience unparalleled productivity and superior performance with the Nilfisk SC6500 Ride-On Floor Scrubber Drier – the ultimate solution for efficiently cleaning large indoor areas. With the widest range of scrub options in its class, the SC6500 delivers top-tier cleaning results for a variety of environments.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Versatile Cleaning Performance: The SC6500 offers the most scrub options in its class, including the unique Ecoflex-system, ensuring outstanding cleaning performance across different surfaces.
  2. Ideal for Large Spaces: Designed for big supermarkets, warehouses, airports, parking areas, food industries, and heavy industries, the SC6500 tackles hard cleaning tasks with ease.
  3. Customizable Configurations: Available in 4 different versions with options for 2 scrubbing widths and cylindrical or disc scrubbers, the SC6500 can be tailored to meet specific cleaning needs, providing unmatched cleaning performance.
  4. High Productivity: With a scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm and a massive water tank capacity of 265 liters, operators can work continuously for 1.5 hours before refilling, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.
  5. Efficient Operation: Benefit from high brush pressure and effective drying enabled by a powerful vacuum motor, ensuring thorough cleaning and rapid drying for enhanced efficiency.
  6. Low Total Cost of Ownership: The AC traction unit reduces maintenance costs with its maintenance-free motor and high-quality gearbox, while the Ecoflex™ system saves water and detergent, reducing overall operating costs.
  7. Quiet Operation: Despite its powerful performance, the SC6500 operates at a significantly low noise level, enabling work in noise-sensitive areas and during nighttime hours without disruption.
  8. User-Friendly Controls: The OneTouch™ control system makes driving and controlling the SC6500 a breeze, ensuring ease of use for all operators.

Invest in the Nilfisk SC6500 Ride-On Floor Scrubber Drier for unmatched productivity, exceptional performance, and cost-effective cleaning solutions for your large indoor spaces.

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51391W, 51455W, 56505790


51391W, 51455W, 56505790

Rated power (W): 5220
Power source: Battery
Scrubbing width: 1300mm
Solution/Recovery Tank: 265/265L
Productivity rate theoretical/ actual (M /H): 11700/8190

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