Nilfisk T75 L100 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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7.5 kW Tailored for metal production.

Machine only.

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Powerful and reliable threephase industrial vacuum for the recovery of wet and dry materials, even for heavy materials.
Model T75 is really powerful with its 7.5 kW, it creates a great vacuum combined to a great airflow and is so perfect to collect high quantities of heavy materials.
This industrial vacuum can be used as suction unit in centralized vacuum systems for the cleaning of wider areas.
The large filter is in M class, suitable for the collection of toxic dust and is automatically cleaned by the electric filter shaker.
Continuous use (24/7)
Practical release container system for an easy emptying
100 liters container
Gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac (“endless” bag)
L or M class filter for toxic material
Accessory box, cable and hose holder
32A plug with inverter

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Power (kw): 7.5 kW
Max vacuum (mBar): 350
Max airflow without hose (m³/h): 534
Container capacity (L): 100
L class filter

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