Proscrub XP 5L


Highly active floor cleaner

Powerful alkaline cleaning agent for the machine cleaning of floor coverings
Low foaming and not perfumed. Easily removes adhering fatty soiling (especially animal and vegetable origins)
For all alkali resistant floor coverings in the food industry, kitchens etc
Also suitable for the basic cleaning of stoneware tiles


Technical Information

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Professional Cleaning Chemicals for all Industries.

The Industroclean Pro Range includes specialised products for commercial applications. The Indu Range features professional cleaning products designed for general purpose and deep cleaning applications.

The Diner Range features quality commercial kitchen hygiene chemicals. The Keto Range features professional food-safe chemicals that are formulated for use in production and processing areas in abattoirs, butcheries, dairy farms, food processing plants, and factories.

The Envirocare range products have a minimal carbon footprint, from the packaging, right down to the raw materials.

Proscrub XP 5L