Viper AS7690T Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Drier

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Discover A New Generation of High-Performance Floorcare with the Viper AS7690T: Setting the Standard for Superior Cleaning Results

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Experience the Viper AS7690T Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Drier: Redefining High-Performance Floorcare

A New Era of High-Performance Cleaning Solutions

  • Optimal Productivity: The Viper AS7690T introduces a new generation of high-performance floorcare, ensuring optimal productivity and consistent results, even for the most demanding cleaning tasks.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether it’s heavy-duty scrubbing or surface-stripping, the Viper AS series offers dual-brush or orbital-deck models to tackle various cleaning applications with ease.
  • Efficient Operation: Enjoy easy operation, high tank capacity, and resource-efficiency, making the intuitive AS models an ideal choice for cleaning programs across medium- and large-sized spaces.
  • Adjustable Brush Pressure: Handle all kinds and levels of dirt effortlessly with adjustable brush-pressure settings, ensuring thorough cleaning every time.
  • Solution-Flow Management: Maintain optimal control of detergent dosage with solution-flow management, enhancing cleaning efficiency while minimizing waste.
  • Eco and Silent Modes: Clean over longer periods or in sound-sensitive areas with eco and silent modes, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Benefit from easy access to the solution tank, battery, and working components, with tool-free squeegee-blade removal, ensuring convenient daily maintenance.
  • Smart Performance: The Viper AS7690T prioritizes smart performance, simple design, and user-friendly operation, making it an ideal solution for facility managers and contract cleaners alike.
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Power source: Battery
Voltage: 24V
Scrubbing width: 710mm
Brush speed (RPM):170
Solution/Recovery Tank: 85/90L
Brush pressure (g/cm²):42 / 54 / 65 Kg
Sound pressure level (dB(A)):69 ± 3 dB (A)
Sound level – silent mode: 65 ± 3 dB (A)
Productivity rate theoretical/ actual (M /H):2272

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