Viper DS350 Dual Speed

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Ideal dual-speed single disc for a variety of professional cleaning tasks.

Machine complete with pad drive, polypro brush and solution tank only.

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Machine Pad Drivers and Holders

Viper pad holder 406mm


Simple to use and efficient dual speed single disc machine.
DS350 is the perfect solution for hard floor scrubbing and for heavy duty cleaning
Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, exhibition centers, as well as schools and government institutions.
Viper DS350 is a versatfile dual-speed single disc machine designed for or different kinds of professional cleaning tasks.
For scrubbing, spray cleaning and buffering tasks.
Operation is simple and easy to use controls.
The Viper DS350 single disc is robust, reliable and service friendly, with the ergonomic design, you can easily scrub, clean and buffer floors.
The machine is ready to use, water tank, brush and pad holder come with the machine.
You can also choose the optional foam generator and carpet brush.
Simple and user-friendly. The machine is automatically locked of when the handle is in 90 degree vertical position.
Soft start system and automatic brush installation.
The aluminum base and low noise thanks to belt driven motor.
Large rear wheels facilitates transport and makes a well-balanced machine.
Water tank, brush and pad holder comes with the dual speed machine.
The dual speed single disc offers a choice of 175 or 350 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of all floors

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Motor Power Source: Electric
Brush/Pad Speed (RPM): 175/350
Cable length (M): 10
Cleaning Width (mm): 432mm

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