Viper LS160 Low Speed Single Disc Floor Polisher


Robust and reliable machine with ergonomic design that is easy to service

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Machine Pad Drivers and Holders

Viper pad holder 16 406mm


Elevate Your Cleaning Efficiency with the Viper LS160HD Low-Speed Single Disc Machine

Revolutionize your daily indoor cleaning tasks in a variety of settings, including hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, exhibition centers, and government institutions, with the powerful Viper LS160HD. This versatile low-speed single disc machine is purpose-built to handle both medium-duty and heavy-duty applications, making it your ultimate cleaning companion.

Key Features:

1. Robust and Reliable: Crafted to withstand the test of time, the Viper LS160HD is known for its robust construction, reliability, and service-friendly design. Rest assured, it’s built to last.

2. Effortless Cleaning: Designed with ergonomics in mind, this machine ensures effortless floor scrubbing, simplifying the task of maintaining a clean environment.

3. Tailored Cleaning: Customize your cleaning experience with optional accessories, such as the foam generator and additional weights, allowing you to fine-tune the machine to your specific cleaning requirements.

4. Safety First: The Viper LS160HD is engineered for user safety, featuring an automatic lock-off mechanism when the handle is in a vertical position, ensuring secure operation. The soft start system and automatic brush installation further enhance safety and ease of use.

5. Quiet Cleaning: Experience superior quality with the Viper LS160HD, thanks to its aluminum base and triple planetary gearbox. These features reduce noise from the motor and gears, providing a quieter and more pleasant cleaning process.

6. All-in-One Package: Enjoy unbeatable value for your investment, as the Viper LS160HD includes essential accessories like a water tank, brush, and pad holder as standard. Enhance your cleaning efficiency while benefiting from a cost-effective solution for your cleaning needs.

Upgrade your cleaning efficiency with the Viper LS160HD Low-Speed Single Disc Machine. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning tasks and hello to a more productive, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution. Choose the LS160HD for unmatched performance and value.

Explore the Viper LS160HD today and take your cleaning routine to the next level.

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Motor Power Source: Electric
Brush/Pad Speed (RPM): 160
Cleaning width (mm): 510mm
Cable length (M): 10
Machine complete with pad drive, polypro brush and solution tank only

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