Wap Centra 2/24 High Pressure Washer

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Robust Performance, Unmatched Durability

Built to last, the WAP Centra Range Double Unit High Pressure Pump Station offers exceptional power for industrial applications. Engineered for heavy-duty cleaning across diverse industries, this solution ensures consistent performance in the toughest conditions, from automotive to mining environments.

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Introducing the WAP Centra Range Double Unit High Pressure Pump Station

Unmatched Reliability and Durability

Designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks across diverse industries, the WAP Centra Range Double Unit High Pressure Pump Station stands as a beacon of reliability and durability. Whether it’s automotive, food processing, mining, or other demanding environments, this robust solution is engineered to deliver consistent performance in the toughest conditions.


  • Powder Coated Protective Cabinet: Equipped with a hinged stainless-steel access door and detachable panels, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity.
  • Advanced Pump Technology: Boasting a positive displacement piston pump lubricated with oil and featuring three ceramic pistons, suction and pressure valves with stainless seats, this pump station guarantees efficient operation.
  • Direct Drive Power Transmission: The high-pressure pump is directly driven by a four-pole electric motor, enhancing efficiency and minimizing maintenance needs.
  • Automatic Pressure Regulators: Enjoy peace of mind with automatic pressure regulators that maintain system pressure, including pump and high-pressure hose, even during bypass phases.
  • Timer-Controlled “Sleep Function”: With a customizable setting ranging from 0 to 10 minutes, this feature automatically deactivates the machine after a specified duration of bypassing with a closed gun, saving energy and prolonging the equipment’s lifespan.
  • Stainless Steel Water Header Tank: Featuring an automatic, level-activated filling device, this tank ensures a constant water supply for uninterrupted cleaning operations.
  • Electric Overload Relay: Safeguarding against electrical overloads, this relay protects both the equipment and the user.
  • System Shut-Down Facility: In the event of insufficient water supply, the system activates an automatic shut-down, preventing damage and maintaining operational safety.
  • Glycerine-Filled Pressure Gauge: Providing accurate pressure readings, this gauge ensures precise control over cleaning processes.
  • Chemical Selector/Dosage Valve: Integrated for easy chemical application at normal operating pressure, enhancing cleaning efficiency and versatility.

Invest in the WAP Centra Range Double Unit High Pressure Pump Station for unparalleled performance, reliability, and longevity in your cleaning operations. Dominate tough cleaning tasks with confidence and precision, backed by cutting-edge technology and robust construction.

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Cold Water
High pressure pump station
Operating pressure: 60-200 bar
Water flow (l/h): 2 X 1260
Voltage: 380V

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