Wap PC 200 Industrial Parts Washer

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Streamlined Cleaning Solutions with the WAP PC 200 Industrial Parts Washer

Discover the WAP PC 200 Industrial Parts Washer, an innovative solution tailored for efficiently cleaning small to medium-sized components across diverse industries. Built to withstand rigorous demands, this automated washer is ideal for automotive, engineering, manufacturing, service, repair, and refurbishing sectors.

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Introducing the PC 200 Parts Washer: Your Industrial Cleaning Solution

Revolutionise your cleaning process with the WAP PC 200 Industrial Parts Washer, an electrically heated powerhouse designed for heavy industry. Perfect for automotive, engineering, manufacturing, and refurbishing sectors, this automated washer streamlines your workflow while delivering impeccable results.

Heavy-Duty Construction for Longevity

Built to withstand the rigours of industrial use, the PC 200 boasts extra heavy-duty construction featuring robust steel plating. Say goodbye to frequent replacements – this washer ensures years of trouble-free operation, making it a reliable asset to your operations.

Effortless Operation with Convenient Features

Experience seamless operation with the PC 200’s user-friendly design. A weight compensating gas lift facilitates easy opening and closing of the heavy steel lid, while non-marking, self-steering castor wheels ensure effortless transportation around your facility. The electroplated wire mesh basket, rotating on a sealed bearing, accommodates various components with ease.

Enhanced Maintenance and Accessibility

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the PC 200’s thoughtful design features. Removable floor panels provide access to the storage compartment, simplifying cleaning and maintenance tasks. Plus, a large mesh filter element continuously strains the water/chemical solution, promoting efficient operation throughout the washing process.

Safety First for Peace of Mind

Prioritising safety, the PC 200 comes equipped with an array of safety features. An overload relay safeguards against electrical mishaps, while a cleaning solution level sensor with integrated cut-out device ensures optimal performance by deactivating the unit when cleaning solution levels are insufficient. The safety switch assembly halts the washing cycle upon lid opening, while a safety thermostat maintains the set operating temperature, preventing overheating hazards.

Unparalleled Benefits for Your Business

Experience a multitude of benefits with the PC 200 Parts Washer:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Highly skilled technicians can focus on critical tasks, eliminating the need for manual parts cleaning.
  • Time Savings: Automate your cleaning process and free up valuable time with no supervision required during operation.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce overheads with decreased chemical and water consumption, thanks to the recycling concept integrated into the washer.
  • Improved Morale: Boost employee satisfaction by eliminating the tedious task of manual cleaning from their daily routine.

Upgrade your industrial cleaning process with the WAP PC 200 Industrial Parts Washer and elevate efficiency, safety, and employee satisfaction in your facility.

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The PC 200 automated parts washer is designed for the cleaning of virtually all types of small to medium sized components
Nozzle pressure: 3 – 5 bar
Water flow (l/min): 180
Voltage: 380V

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