Investment in skilled workers vital for a stronger local manufacturing industry


Ongoing technological advancements and a rich arsenal of skills are just some of the elements needed for a flourishing manufacturing sector and economy. The latest STATS SA statistics has however revealed a gloomier state of affairs for the manufacturing sector.

While the numbers reflect negative growth, economists remain optimistic that a weak exchange rate will lead to an increase in manufacturing export competitiveness, which would be beneficial to industries across the board.

As the local manufacturer of WAP pressure washers and cleaning machinery, Industroclean’s, Managing Director, Emma Corder, is confident that remaining focused on the strengths within a business is the key to the much-needed growth within the sector.

She believes success is more than just delivering a product that works. “The WAP formula for success is based on a combination of product and service excellence,” she explains.

“Instead of just supplying a sophisticated piece of cleaning machinery, WAP has always endeavoured to provide a package deal – a first-rate product coupled with a first-grade service and maintenance network.
The design process is currently overseen by WAP National Service Manager, Peter Bolitho, who works with a team of machine assembly technicians who collectively have over 70 years of service with Industroclean.
“Through the years, their experience has facilitated many improvements to the WAP brand,” Corder says. “Quality of materials and parts used have always been looked at and improvements have been made where necessary. New materials and technology do emerge at times, these are tested to see if they can be used to improve the WAP machines even more.”

Member of Industroclean’s WAP production team, Nico Ngwenya has 28 years of experience with the brand. “Working in manufacturing is a very honorable role,” he says. “I feel very proud every time a machine is tested at the end of the assembly. I feel that I can share my years of experience with the customers. I like to make sure every machine that is built is built to the highest standard that my team and I can offer.”
In addition, our maintenance and service are backed 100% by spares availability.”

Providing a full-service backing and the latest technology allows Industroclean to set the pace and stay one step ahead of their opposition.

“All machines are designed and manufactured locally. That’s really important to us. We try to source from local suppliers as much as possible. In fact, approximately 80% of the WAP machine make-up is from our local supplier base,” she adds.

“The machines are built to the specifications of the patented original WAP designs that have evolved over time to keep up with the latest technologies. Special attention was given to simplicity of operation, equipment reliability, protection against operator mishandling and easy component accessibility. All of these machines are fail-safe, powerful in performance and economical in terms of operating costs. Designs are quite compact, yet robust and constructed for a lifespan.”

WAP pressure washers are used by major sectors throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, from mining to logistics, the heavy engineering, construction, agriculture and automotive industries. “Supplying various sectors is a big deal for us as the demand for our products represents growth and sustainability for our business,” Corder concludes.