Entra-Clean HygienePlus Disinfectant Matting

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The washable doormat that actively kills germs

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• Removes visible dirt and kills invisible microbes.HygienePlus means the mat is treated with the EU-registered biocide, BI-OME registered with OEKO-TEX® an antimicrobial and virus reducing technology.
• BI-OME works by effectively killing bacteria when contact is made with the mat.
• Although the treatment is a highly effective antimicrobial agent, it does not cause any skin irritations.
• A new concept in entrance matting.
• Improve floor level hygiene around your business – important whilst fighting Covid-19 and beyond.
• More sustainable – less frequent washing required, and on lower temperatures.
• Free of metals.
• Fully machine washable – with no reduction in active cleaning power for the life of the mat.
• Suitable for all facilities, in particular offices, hotels and leisure, retirement homes and healthcare settings.
• Reduces annoying odours caused by bacteria and funghi.

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Available colours: Anthracite/Grey/Brown
Material: 100% Polyamide
Typical Applications: Interior entrances as a loose-lay mat.
Surface Finish: Superior non-slip vinyl backing
Cleaning method: Vacuum clean regularly. Machine washable (30ºC)

Installation Method: Loose lay

Product Height: 9mm

Environmental resistance: Suitable for indoor environments

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