Viper ROS1300 Ride On Floor Sweeper

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Your ultimate solution for large-area sweeping. This ride-on sweeper takes productivity and efficiency to new heights making light work of large scale cleaning.


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Introducing the Viper ROS1300: Your ultimate solution for large-area sweeping.This ride-on sweeper takes productivity and efficiency to new heights.

Sweeping vast areas is no longer a daunting task, thanks to the Viper ROS1300. Its long battery run time ensures you stay productive throughout the job, while the optimal dust and debris collection guarantee exceptional results. Take a seat, adjust it to your liking, and press the One-Touch button to begin your sweeping journey effortlessly. This innovative feature simultaneously activates the main broom, side brooms, and vacuum fan, streamlining your cleaning process.

Our ride-on sweeper boasts several standout features that enhance your productivity further. The dust control misting system sprays over the side brooms, banishing dust concerns and leaving your surfaces sparkling clean. A convenient foot pedal lifts the front flap, allowing easy sweeping of larger debris. Moreover, the powerful rear-wheel drive enables you to tackle slopes and inclines within your facility with ease, making it ideal for sweeping ramps and challenging surfaces.

Maintenance is a breeze with the ROS1300’s tool-free design, ensuring your operators can focus on sweeping rather than routine upkeep. Safety is paramount, and we have carefully engineered the ROS1300 to create a secure working environment for everyone involved.

Here’s why the Viper ROS1300 stands out from the competition:

• High productivity: With its wide cleaning path, large debris hopper, and impressive speed, you can complete your sweeping tasks in record time.
• Dust control: Our wet misting system effectively contains dust, delivering unmatched results and a cleaner atmosphere.
• Built for safety: Our safety-minded design helps reduce potential risks to employees and property, providing peace of mind while you work.
Experience unmatched sweeping performance with the Viper ROS1300. From start to finish, this ride-on sweeper ensures optimal results, unmatched efficiency, and a safer working environment. Elevate your cleaning game with the Viper ROS1300 today.

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Power Source: Electric
Productivity rate 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (M²/H): 8100/5670
Hopper volume (L): 130

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